The Making of a Pharisee

Inspired by Matthew 23:1-36

Action named as sin spurs contrition,
Intention to change briefly sustains,
Guilt incurred as sin recurs.
Sin named,
“I can do better”
Relapse, frustration,
Another deposit of guilt.
Good intentions…

Endless, rolling waves of guilt!
Failure gives the foothold,
Actions move to secrecy,
Heart is sidelined, too weary to fight.
Good intentions are made rote,
Repentance turns outward,
Guilt is sidestepped,
Sin acquires degrees.
“I’m sorry, but…”
Platitudes replace the magnitude of the Spirit,
Heart settles into self-protecting

With the heart locked away for safekeeping, nothing is impossible:
Kingdoms built to shut others out,
Disciples equipped with heavy burdens,
Honor given to the walking dead,
Mercy neglected to tend the garden herbs.

© 2018 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

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