7 Haiku for the Land

My feet hit the ground;
Land my people do not know,
Shoe-shod as always

Shoes keep dust at bay,
Clay put in its ‘proper’ place
Engaged on our terms

Dust we are, or clay
Dust with our heads in the clouds
Standing on the Land

The Land supports us
(How else can a dust-man live?)
Love unrequited

This day I can hear
Earth groaning on our behalf,
The ‘drip, drip’ of tears

This day I can see
Transcendent, earthy beauty;
A glimmer of hope

Today I am free
Dust between my toes (and clay!)
My shoes at the door

© 2019 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “7 Haiku for the Land

  1. My favorite is the fourth. I’ve always seen rain as a cleansing, renewal, new life. Especially after a wildfire. (Not considering the mudslides…)

    How about one more haiku so you have seven? Would love to see more of your haiku writing.

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    1. I added one, since the 6 was bothering me too.
      I also thought some of these had too broad a focus (departing from the traditional focus on conveying a moment). If I do another group of Haiku like this, I’d like to work a little harder to capture specific moments pointing to a broader theme.


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