Take a Number!

mind humming with ideas,
a steady stream of better habits
and an endless list of life goals
(as if I will care at the end
whether I was that well rounded)
I choose instead to remain imbalanced,
for how can one be otherwise
and still sane

until the advent of forty-hour days, I say
“take a number!”
to all the half-formed life goals and
“get in line!”
to all the habits that promise to make me
more than human

life gives not the luxury
of being about everything
(indeed, we are to be about one thing
a handful of things, perhaps, may come in second place)
we do better to preserve a margin in which to abide
receiving our time day by day
living into how we were made
in gratefulness to the One who made us that way

© 2019 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

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