the drive

the road speeds by, one hand
on the wheel and one searching
searching the radio for a song
big enough to contain
the sadness creeping
up behind, then a favorite
promises five minutes of
peace and a hand cracks
the window and cranks
the volume until music
drowns out the noise of
the wind, leaving the breeze
running over hands and through
hair and back out into
the night as the bass thump
thumps far away from
the real moment until a stoplight
steals the breeze and commercials
the container, but there isn’t
time for sadness just now it’s
penciled in for tuesday and
when that has come and gone we’ll
see what opens up, so the
hand resumes searching
searching for five more minutes
of breeze and thumping
and far away while the moon
looks on with a knowing look

© 2019 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

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