What did Noah do
In all those long days at sea
The whole world a sea
Flooded horizon to horizon

Did it feel like a rescue
That wooden box crammed full
Endlessly moving, heaving
Everything undone in a single storm

Did it leak sometimes
A drip of water, a gush of worry
With no land to give hope
No mountaintop in sight

What questions did he harbor
As 40 days turned into 150
Weeks became months
Half a year stranded on the water

What future did he see
Looking out from a deck
Fashioned at a sudden command
Strange actions proven wise

If he were here, I would ask
But long ago he found his rest
Perhaps it began in those sheltered days
Staring off into a kind of eternity


© 2020 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

(Photo by Thierry Meier on Unsplash)

11 thoughts on “Sheltered

  1. That would be complete isolation. They couldn’t even walk outside. Swim? I don’t think so? Maybe there was a deep sleep that God provided. Space travel imagines induced coma for months and possibly years. However God did it Noah made it!! PTL

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  2. So insightful Jackie! The people of God have been led through many trials before and we are being led now. God is with us and is saving us, even if we can’t see our salvation now. Thank you for the perspective and hope.

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