Someone Still Knows

The only thing on schedule this year are the ants.

The kitchen ants come through the light switch in April The back-door ants investigate the living room floor in June The shower ants take up residence in mid-July The sneaky ants pick a surprise entrance in September

With everything amiss, it is a comfort to know that someone still knows
What month it is.

4 thoughts on “Someone Still Knows

  1. Not sure what this says about me, but this might be my most favorite post thus far!!! It reminds me a Kathleen Norris and her little book β€œThe Quotidian Mysteries.” She has a poem in there that makes me feel the same as when I read yours β€” relieved that at least the tiny daily chaos and routine (and ants who can follow a calendar) are all moving forward, even when I feel too overwhelmed to go on.

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