Tunnel Vision (August 2020)

God has a way of working in the space
Between the end of normal but before
The light at the end
That dark, misty space
Where we grope
And groan
And curse the dank walls
Where the sound of our own footfall
And so
We stand still awhile
Before lurching ahead
No longer sure whether we’re headed for the old
Or the new

God has a way of working too
In the touch of the sun
Chirping, singing insects
The laugh of a child
Whose world has never been big enough
To now seem small

As we inch our way through
Our tunnel vision
Time finds new ways to
Even if August
Looks a lot like May
And who knows if October
Will be any different
Days pass anyway
Coursing with life
And we see it
Or we don’t
But after all, isn’t that
Much how it was before?
Only now, unsure
Where this tunnel ends
We reach out for a hand to hold
Along the way

©2021 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All rights reserved.

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