Pandemic Catch-Up: Change

(part 1 of 3)

For the first time in almost 2 years I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop, discerning which of my hasty scribbles has the potential to mean something to others in the world.

Many things are different, a mixed bag of change. I have my mask dutifully strapped to my ears, although my ears are pretty used to it. The baristas who knew my name are nowhere to be found, which is a little sad. The chickens that used to frequent this parking lot have been relocated (jury’s out for me on that one but I think I miss them too). I have a daughter where before I had only sons, and now you have an explanation for the long absence!

Things are different, but here I am! I hope these somewhat belated posts will encourage and challenge as we continue to walk out this long, global pandemic story together. I also hope to return to writing more regularly, because it is good for my soul and this has been a long year for my soul.

These first two pieces are glimpses into moments of abrupt change, the first two weeks of stay-at-home order in March 2020 and my most recent maternity leave. Next week I’ll post some of the ways I saw injustice more clearly through the lens of the pandemic.

The First Two Weeks

What is still important? It depends who you ask
New crayons and super-sharp pencils sent from a closed school
A new trimester, with less concerns for fever
Removing the stacks of things from every corner
Four healthy people, together 24/7
Songs of praise every morning
Fresh air however we can get it

Maternity Leave

Some days this space feels like putting myself on hold
My dreams, my joys, my gifts
But then I remember that this joyful new baby was just a dream a year ago
A painfully lost one not so long ago
Besides I cannot be on hold, since myself is all I have to offer
My presence and gifts for the good of all
Sometimes the Body of Christ is a crowd
Sometimes it is 5 in a house together, 9 in a pandemic pod
Either way I am here
Gifts and joys and dreams and all

©2021 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All rights reserved.

(Photo by Jacob Kiesow on Unsplash)

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