A Prayer for True Repentance

Lord Jesus Christ
King of Endless Glory
Today I need you to make me brave.

Grant me courage to repent with my heart and soul and strength, not just my mind.
To feel the shame, the weight of my sin,
to experience the powers of darkness at work through me,
to be as I am, a sinner in need of help.

Grant me courage to see that I’ve mistaken the straw for gold and built in earnest.
That my confession has been devoid of connection,
that my strategies are unable to make me perfect,
that what I am building on my strength will not stand the test of judgment.

Grant me courage to lay aside my whitewash and let you into the tomb.
Trading self-righteousness for humility,
forgoing appearances for the power of your transformation,
dying to self for the promise of new life.

Grant me courage to break my cisterns and drink only living water.
Trusting your provision when I can’t predict it,
opening to the movement of your Spirit when I am weary,
relying on your people when I would rather travel alone.

Lord Jesus Christ
King of Endless Glory
Each day I need you to make me brave.

© 2018 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

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