Thank you for the wounds of ministry

Thank you for the wounds of ministry,
sustained in imitation of You;
The moments I become a parable,
pointing toward Your deeper truth.

These longsuffering moments make me who I am,
though they lack the exhilaration of victory.
In moments of ease I may enjoy, even need the respite,
but hearts, not least my own, are won in the battle.

Rejection challenges me to be sure of my message,
ready to give a reason for my perseverance.
Abandonment asks me to lean solely on Christ,
drawing strength from the source and not the work.

Criticism reminds me to examine my motives,
to root out self and push into Kingdom good.
Opposition calls me to a steward’s humility,
allowing Christ to defend and prune where he will.

It is these scars that show me what I am not,
speaking of my limited role in a Kingdom purpose.
My scars will never accomplish salvation,
but they can accomplish the Savior’s work.

Failure challenges me to find my name written in the book of life,
and not in the annals of human accomplishment.
Conflict asks me to recognize my shortcomings,
the limits of my efficacy and giftedness.

Disciples lost remind me that hearts choose their path,
that I am a guide and not the decider of ways.
Exhaustion calls me to acknowledge my creature-ness,
leaving the work in another’s hands and calling rest good.

Thank you for the wounds of ministry,
sustained by Your side in the battle;
The moments I move past the theoretical,
and encounter You on the road to the Cross.

© 2018 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “Thank you for the wounds of ministry

  1. I hope you keep these beautiful psalms in a binder, Jackie. You’re going to have precious pages for a book someday, and readers waiting to hold it in their hands. I being one of them.


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