I have lived my life in chains, have you?
I know how it feels to be shackled to
Mountains of happiness-inducing junk
Multitudes of programs, and cure-all gunk
Each item and check box an iron link
Each worry, expectation a hard-earned ‘clink!’
And we are master craftsmen, are we not?

Craftsmen at the mercy of the master deceiver
We bought his ‘happiness’ scheme, unwitting believers
In hours, days, years of managing complications
An eternity of high-pressure situations
A whole lifetime to keep it up
Yet nothing is ever quite enough
Or is it we that are lacking?

I have lived my life in freedom, as of late,
Apprenticing One who cares for more than my fate
Together we build freedom – a simplicity of soul
We work in precious jewels and gold
While melting down my worn-out tools
I found a set I hardly knew
The kind that build real Life!

So goodbye old ways and works of ‘art’
Let the sand swallow you, every part
And when nothing remains, nothing shall remind
Of the old chains that used to bind
Onward to the Day of total freedom!
Now that is a Rock to build on, believe in
And We can always use help crafting eternity.

© 2018 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

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