In the Bittersweet of Seasons Changing

In the bittersweet of seasons changing,
I discover a piece of the eternal
Hidden in the uniquely human experience of time

Even as I savor the simple sweet of present moments,
The gifted time of easy joy passes away
In vibrant bursts of red and orange and yellow

Looking back, way back, past this fleeting happiness,
Grace urges me to remember its beginning,
Evoking creation’s first Goodness

Looking forward unknown minutes or centuries,
Grace urges me onward in trust,
Evoking the Goodness of a restored future

Here in the middle, in the now and the not yet,
Real Goodness comes like longing, a yearning kind of joyfulness
Sincerely glad, but full of the weight of hope

Oh what a deep and disquieting longing it is!
Beginning before the happy season has run its course,
Bleeding into the anticipated future

I find I can no longer consider fondly or wistfully,
But must be overwhelmed by the Goodness of God,
Each remembrance a glimpse of future glory

As the Goodness of past, present, and future joy
Paints my consciousness in living color,
I savor, I long, and I am strangely content

My soul embraces the weight of this changing season,
For here is born strength for the future,
Here the remembrance of Goodness is itself the greatest gift

© 2018 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

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