A young child dissolved in giggles at his very first joke,
repeating the punch line in sheer bliss

A red-cheeked adventurer standing high above the town
on a sapphire-blue morning, enraptured in the frosty air

A quiet old man furiously conducting Beethoven’s Fifth,
freely flailing about the living room after everyone is in bed

A infant squealing as her blanket suddenly becomes her father,
eyes shining with laughter as he exclaims ‘Peek-a-boo!’

A groom gazing through tears at his perfectly adorned bride
as she walks toward him in measured step, her last journey alone

Old friends with heads close together, oblivious to the world
as their beloved people and places come alive again in passionate retelling

A soul caught in whirlwind ecstasy at the contemplation of God,
forgetting itself for a moment in the freedom of delight

© 2018 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

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