Word Incarnate

The Word that spoke the world
Entered it
Author existing in his own story;
choosing to be part of its limited scope,
it’s half-developed language,
its inescapable plot.

The Word entered the world to
Redeem it
The life-light of mankind reviving history
with the breath that set the story in motion.
The thundering voice that made all things,
whispered from the throat of a man.

The Word redeemed the world as he
Inhabited it
A baby, a boy, a man;
the hope of all nations with glory shining.
Creator seeking to be known,
seen for the first time.

The Word inhabited the world and
Spoke into it
Creating a new horizon,
changing the inevitable resolution.
Where his life is received,
God’s children are born into his world.

Week 1 of Advent:
May your advent season be filled
with the reality of our incarnate God.
Inspired by John 1

© 2018 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

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