On the Nature of Desire

What is desire?
Is it to have one’s mind set
against one’s Creator?
To be governed by death
lost in pursuit of the flesh?

What is desire?
It is to please oneself
at the expense of others?
To live in slavery
and futile thought?

Is desire
to be avoided
in pursuit of something grander?

Is desire the deepest enemy of the soul?


Is desire a whisper of God deep in the soul?

Is desire
made new to be
sought out
in pursuit of God’s works?

What is desire?
Is it to plumb the depths
of one’s new self?
To find one’s harmony
with the purposes of God?

What is desire?
Is it placed by the Creator
on the day one is reborn?
Is it a lovely treasure hidden
in a clay pot?

© 2019 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

4 thoughts on “On the Nature of Desire

  1. I resonated with this one. Thanks for sharing. I had to look up Ignatian Spirituality and discovered the Examen which I found an intriguing way to summarize one’s day.


    1. We spent our sabbatical with the Spiritual Exercises, another tool of Ignatian spirituality. I have appreciated the examen as well!

      One of the big themes of the Exercises is desire and the idea that the truest desires we have are placed there by God as part of our new self. I think Ignatius was almost declared a heretic for the idea! I find in scripture both of the above viewpoints on desire… I think it is a challenge of discernment to learn the difference between desires of the flesh and the desires God has given us! That is part of the goal of the Examen, to learn what brings us closer to or farther from God in our daily life.

      Thanks for reading and responding! I hope you all are well 😊


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