The Feet Will Follow

I come with questions
With desires
With complaints
With confusion
Yet I am sent out with joy!
How does one stumble upon the life-giving path
from such a starting point?

Perhaps the way to life is never more
Than an arm’s reach away, never more
Than a heart’s call from my soul, never more
Than an honest conversation from my mind’s eye, perhaps.

Yet it is so narrow as to be easily lost at night…

Many times have I awoken on the wrong path,
Indeed it seems not a path, but a park!
Wide and grassy,
easy on the feet,
pleasantly numbing on the soul.
Many times have I had
to reach,
to call,
to confess
my  way back to my intended route.

And yet the way to life is never so far off as I fear,
just a straightening out of the heart
and the feet will follow.

© 2019 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

6 thoughts on “The Feet Will Follow

      1. Very nice. I too love the way you put the words on the paper 📝 it helped the phrasing become stronger and stronger. Exquisite!

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  1. Jackie, I love the imagery in this poem and the contrast of the park to the narrow way…I just reread your moving poem “Joy in the Narrow Way” and like how these two tie together. Thank you again for sharing you gifts with us!

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