Walk With Me

Walk with Me awhile, beloved
This is what I made you for
To feel the breeze upon your skin
And linger here at Glory’s door
Where every breath is peace inhaled
And heav’n itself but thinly veiled

Take My hand awhile, beloved
And care not where we go
Should ways lead on to parts unknown
‘Tis still eternity we sow!
My pace is easy, arm in arm
We move with grace through any harm

Rest your head on Me, beloved
And ask what fills your mind
No question there will drive me off
No doubt or worry seem unkind
Desire best to seek my love
And reap the benefits thereof

Share My life awhile, beloved
Leave ambition lie
I gave you gifts for greater things
Than for yourself to magnify
With all your strength call me your home
As I called you, with Mine, my own

© 2019 Jacqueline Tisthammer. All Rights Reserved.

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